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Burglar attempting to break into a home through the back door
April 29, 2024

What Do Burglars Look For In Sugarland?

You know home intrusion is one of the threats you must safeguard against, but how exactly do thieves target properties? By understanding what burglars look for in Sugarland, you may do what is needed to protect your home and family. Explore how a modern home security system can help.

What Will Make Your Home In Sugarland A Target?

There are various factors involved when thieves choose houses to target. Is there a visible home security system with video cameras and a sign in the yard? Where is the property positioned within a neighborhood? Here are a few things burglars look for:

  • Properties with no close neighbors or beside vacant lots as there’s less chance of being noticed
  • Houses in the middle of a community instead of those on a corner that get increased traffic
  • Tall privacy hedges, fencing, oversized bushes, or walls that may help conceal motion
  • Deliveries accumulating on a porch indicate nobody’s there
  • Cheaper or older windows and doors that are simpler to bypass
  • Houses without home security
  • Empty trash cans sitting on the curb following the pick-up day

If your neighborhood has seen an onslaught of break-ins, it’s wise to be exceptionally alert, as criminals are known for returning to the same area.

How To Keep Your Home From Being Targeted By Thieves In Sugarland

Thieves don’t like to see any indicator of home security, whether that’s video cameras, a doorbell security camera, or an easily visible sign beside your main entry. So, if you wish to keep your home from becoming a target, the wisest thing to do is install a suitable home protection package.

An advanced system can do many things to stop your residence from becoming a target. If you install smart lights, you could put them on a schedule, which is a great solution whenever you’re gone. You may even set automation rules to have your tools work in unison. For instance, if your outside camera notices activity, it can cue an interior light to switch on.

Here are several other things you may do to shield yourself:

  • Look after your property, as intruders are more inclined to target properties with overgrown bushes and shrubs that function as hiding places.
  • Employ motion-activated lights beside entries.
  • Ensure your garage is secure, and think about installing a heavy-duty lock.
  • Keep a stereo or TV on when you’re not there.
  • Cover windows to stop strangers from viewing what you have inside your home.
  • Become acquainted with your neighbors. It’s wise to have a support system in place.
  • Avoid posting too much info publicly on social media if you’re leaving on vacation.

Dissuade Thieves With A Home Security System In Sugarland From Secure24 Alarm Systems

Now that you have a better understanding of what burglars look for in Sugarland, it’s time to deter them with a home security package from Secure24 Alarm Systems. We’ll provide you with a fully modern system with outdoor video cameras, a wireless doorbell camera, smart locks, and more. You’ll find value in the mobile accessibility and how your components can work in unison to boost your protection. Contact (281) 502-5306 today to begin.