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A family leaving for vacation at their driveway
November 09, 2021

How To Be Confident In Your Sugarland Home Security While On Vacation

You have enough to worry about when starting a vacation. You have an endless list of chores like hotel reservations, flight bookings, and car rentals. You shouldn't have to wonder if your house will be safe when you're gone. 

The great news is you don't have to be concerned about your Sugarland home security while on vacation if you have the right security tools. Through a smart home security system, you'll have the tools to be self-assured in your travels. And that starts with havingfull command through a phone app and a 24/7 monitoring team on your side.

The ADT Security App Makes It Appear Like You Are At Home

Imagine that someone is approaching your Sugarland home while you'rehundreds of miles away, relaxing at your coastside resort. A mobile notification tells you to look at your doorbell camera video feed. It seems to be a delivery person, but to be sure, you thank her through the security app’s two-way talk feature. Then you hit the button that turns on the front porch smart light and give a relative a smart lock code so they can put the delivery into the kitchen for you.

A complete home security system should use a powerful smartphone app that lets you manage a lot of your home security and automation devices. The app will let you:

  • Receive phone alerts when a component senses unusual activity
  • Turn on and off your security devices
  • Create lock PINs and check the status of your locks
  • Watch live feeds of your Sugarland smart security cameras
  • Make rules for your devices
  • Turn down and turn off your smart bulbs

Lean On Your Monitoring Team When You Leave

A smartphone app is a modern marvel for Sugarland home security when you’re on vacation, but who's going to be in charge of getting emergency responders when you’re away? As you have a 24/7 monitoring professional with your home security contract, you'll have knowledgeable pros at the wheel to respond to emergencies. After one of yourwindow or door sensors are tripped, your monitoring pros will get a hold of both the police and you about the possible intrusion. Then ADT can be a contact for the authorities and you until you are back.

Go With Secure24 Alarm Systems To Keep Your Property Guarded Even When You’re Gone

Why fret about your Sugarland home security while on vacation when you install a state-of-the-art security system. We’ll help you choose the perfect security system for your family -- with the ADT phone app and 24/7 monitoring. Get started by dialing (281) 502-5306 or complete the contact form on this page.